Indonesian Club at Stanford is hosting Talks and Mentoring Sessions about US Education in Jakarta! The event will be held at @america Pacific Place Jakarta on January 7, 2012.  Our main focus in this event is to give you the most personalized advice possible for your future education – here’s your chance to talk to people who have been in your shoes, have gone through similar things, and have answered similar questions that you have now. Admission process can be tricky and overwhelming, but we’re here to help!

This event’s speakers hail from Stanford, Harvard, Yale, University of California Berkeley, and MIT. Come hear about what it’s like to study in the US, how to apply either from community college or from high school, how to interview with US universities’ representative, and what scholarship opportunities are available to you.

Mentors come from diverse range of universities (Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Boston University, Wesleyan, Carnegie Mellon, John Hopkins, and more), level of study (Bachelors, Masters, MBA, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow), majors (Computer Science, Engineering, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Government, Material Science and Engineering, Development Studies, etc), different pathway to the US (community college, international freshman, national curriculum, A Level), financial aid sources (Fulbright, research assistantship, university-based scholarship) and circumstances. You’ll get a 20 minute 1-on-1 time with the mentor we matched with you, and you can talk to him/her about anything – choosing your major or university, proofreading your essay, life in the US, getting a financial aid… anything!

If you are 11th grade high school students / prospective Masters / PhD in Indonesia who are interested to continue your study in the US, be sure to check it out… To see more details, speaker and mentor lineup, and to register for mentoring sessions, visit our website.

2 Responses to US Education Talks & Mentoring Sessions

  1. nana says:

    waah, di jakarta.. =,=”

    ngga’ tahan liat di akhir web page nya ada .... Website by AVJ. :D

  2. Furqan says:

    Terima Kasih infonya.

    Bermanfaat buat orang-orang yang tertarik buat kuliah di US.

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